Brotherhood: A Year Inside Dosnoventa

"Brotherhood: A year inside Dosnoventa" is the third book of the Spanish photographer Sergio De Arrola, this time in collaboration with Dosnoventa.
An underground scene that unites a world community with a common thread: fixed gear bikes - no gears and no brakes. A series of dogmas that look like limitations, but on the contrary have the capacity of introducing the true experience of cycling.

Design Dani Melo
Typesetting Affaire / Photography Sergio de Arrola
Translation Pat Obach, Marta Iglesias
Printed in Barcelona
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Design of limited edition wooden box. Edition of 19 all them numbered. 55cm x 34cm wooden box with doors and magnet lock. Inner casebody designed to contain 1 book, a special candle designed for the pack and 7 numbered prints made by Sergio de Arrola.

Limited Edition of 19 boxes
Wooden box with magnet lock doors
Laser engraved graphics
Comes with "Brotherhood, A Year Inside Dosnoventa", special candle and 7 prints.



To celebrate "Brotherhood: A Year Inside Dosnoventa" book launching, we devised a presentation events strategy in the cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul and Barcelona. En each of these cities we selected the place where create the launching book event experience.

In these itinerant exhibition we prepare the space to recreate the Dosnoventa "universe" using the elements that inspired us to create the book. The visitor can take a look to the book, share a beer with us or buy high quality large format prints by Sergio de Arrola.

Exhibition 01 - Captains Helm - TOKYO
Exhibition 02 - Brotures - TOKYO
Exhibition 03 - Spellbound - SEOU
Exhibition 04 - Wer-Haus - BARCELONA

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